“Setting The Standard For

Electrical Discharge Machining”

Our Story

Vantage EDM is the Result of Industry Leaders coming together with over 35 years of EDM experience. Initially founded in Houston, Vantage has grown into two main locations and several operations facilities that can handle the highs of Oil and Aerospace Markets. 

We’ve heard it all: competitors not being reliable, missed deadlines, scrapped parts, and poor customer service. Vantage aims to show the industry how integral EDM can be to any project. With educated machinists, dedicated Project Managers, and advanced inspection standards. Vantage can operate with precision and efficiency, keeping any project on track for success. 

The essential advantage is that our facilities operate as a community without a physical staff division. This means better relationships and communication between project managers and machinists and machinists in our inspection team.

Ready To See What Vantage Can Do For You?

“EDM Simplified” Is more than a Moto to us, it’s out mission statement. We strive to show the manufacturing sector how integral our process is. Vantage takes pride in knowing that we’re the first choice for our partners.


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